How many days leave will I have to take after hair transplant surgery in Kochi, Kerala ?

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The number of days leave the patient would have to take would depend on several factors, including the technique used for the hair transplant, the occupation of the patient, and the extent of existing hair the patient has.

Usually after Dr Chacko Cyriac does a hair transplantation at Cochin, Kerala, his patients are allowed to go out even from the next day. The only restriction would be to not wear a helmet. Therefore if the patient’s profession is one that requires this, then he may even be required to avoid going to work for about 3-4 weeks.

Would not the wounds and blood be visible immediately after the hair transplantation with Dr Chacko Cyriac ?

When Dr Chacko Cyriac does a hair transplant for baldness, nobody would know that the patient had one. The wounds and bandages are all covered in a very aesthetically pleasing manner.

How long would I have to wear the bandages ?

The bandages and dressing after a hair transplantation is used only for 1 day until the patient has the first shower.

After I remove the dressing would not the wounds of the hair transplant be visible ?

No the hair transplant wounds are never left open leaving it for all to see.

When can I get back to the gym ?

Dr Chacko Cyriac typically advises his patients to avoid the gym for a month after the hair transplant.

Typically after a beard or moustache hair transplantation, how long a rest period is required ?

Usually Dr Chacko Cyriac tells his patients planning to do a moustache hair transplant to take a leave period of at least one week. This should be more than sufficient to allow the swelling to subside. The scabs too should have gone by then.

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