The latest in hair loss treatment

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The latest in hair loss treatment

At Eterno, you will find the amalgamation of almost all possible treatments for hair loss. At our leading centre for hair transplantation in Kochi, Kerala, our Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon ensures that he is in touch with the latest in the world. At the same time, he ensures only proven methods are followed in his practice.

The SC-FUE :

We employ the latest methods to include the harvest of the stem cells along with the hair grafts to maximise the results.

Inviscar-FUT :

Our almost scarless FUT technique. Ideal for those who are not suitable for the FUE technique to ensure better outcomes.

Micro-FUE, DHI, Bio-FUE, Modified Hair transplant :

Our Plastic Surgeons utilise the beneficial aspects of all these older methods to improve your results.

Ultra-max PRP :

Our own modification of the older PRP technique is preferred to obtain better results. This also allows us to reduce the frequency of the procedure.

Scalp micropigmentation :

Our revolutionary technique to get the additional fullness one desires.