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Choose your doctor wisely

Today, with the booming cosmetic surgery industry coupled with little or no control over the practice of medicine, untrained and unqualified personnel too are pitching in, to get for themselves a share of the pie.

Hair transplantation is a typical example

There are technicians (non-medical personnel), Ayurvedic and homeopathic doctors, physicians, dentists, ENT surgeons claiming to be cosmetic surgeons, doing hair transplantation, in all parts of the world, including in Kerala, India. As far as training and expertise is concerned, your best bet for your hair transplant is a qualified, trained Plastic Surgeon.

The specialty of Plastic Surgery is the only specialty where the trainees go through training  in  cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation as part of their curriculum. Therefore look for the degree in Plastic Surgery before you decide on going under the knife . . . .

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