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Turkey has become a popular destination for hair transplant surgery. However, one must be aware of several facts before jumping into a decision regarding this procedure as it has life-long implications. 

Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery. It may be a minor surgery but still a surgical operation. For best results, it must be undertaken by trained qualified Plastic Surgeons who are trained in this over years and not learnt the procedure from watching YouTube videos. Click here read articles on this.

Absolute sterile precautions should be followed. As it is an operation, the hair transplant surgery is to be done only by staff trained in an operation theatre. Click here to view articles on this.

As this is a surgery, if adequate precautions are not followed, it might even lead to the spread of infections. Click here to read articles on this.

Hair loss treatment is not just about shifting or moving or transplanting hair from one part of the body to another. It involves a detailed planning and assessment of each persons’ stage of hair loss, quality of hair etc.

Many hair loss problems can be treated medical techniques, without surgery. Therefore the centre you choose should be capable of doing all aspects of treatment for this condition. 

Hair loss treatment therefore requires an all-round assessment of the condition including  taking into consideration the ongoing and probable loss of hair. Therefore your surgeon should be well aware of how to manage all stages of hair loss would be able to advise you on what to do at your stage of hair loss. Therefore choose your surgeon wisely.

At Eterno, your hair transplantation will be done only by a trained qualified Plastic Surgeon who will be assisted to a minor extent by qualified operation theatre nurses. You can therefore be sure about sterility and other issues. With the expertise and experience of the doctors at Eterno, you will have access to the entire spectrum of hair loss treatment, including the latest techniques in hair transplantation, all under one roof. Visit our practice website eternocosmeticsurgery.org to get an outline of the spectrum of procedures we offer and view our gallery to see our results.

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