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Unhappy with your hair transplant result ?

Unhappiness after a hair transplant surgery could arise from complications, inadequate growth of transplanted hair, loss of transplanted hair etc.

Eterno is today a leading centre for treating complications of hair transplant, inadequate results, and revision surgeries after a first hair transplantation.

Our Plastic Surgeon is most happy to try and help you no matter where your first surgery was done.

Problems seen immediately after a hair transplantation : 

The cause is most often only improper care of the transplanted area. See our page on after-care after hair transplant to understand the problems. Scabs, infections localised or generalised, allergic reactions to drugs, worsening dandruff are some of the common problems Dr Chacko Cyriac treats from various centres after a hair transplantation. As the hair grafts are delicate at this stage they should be treated with utmost care. Therefore all patients have to be seen personally and all cleaning etc is done by our Plastic Surgeon only.

Scarring after a hair transplant :

This is unfortunately permanent. Dr Chacko Cyriac however has ways and means to reduce the appearance of the scar. Scars on the donor site are the most common cause of problems. Techniques followed at our Centre to deal with this could include scalp micro pigmentation, hair transplant for scars etc.

Inadequate growth of the transplanted hair :

This could be due to the poor quality of the hair grafts. Could also be due to injury to the hair grafts, if the grafts are not taken care of appropriately, during surgery. A trained qualified Plastic Surgeon doing the procedure would certainly ensure such a mistake does not happen.

Inadequate density :

This could be due to the loss of the transplanted hairs due to lack of adequate medical support. If the transplanted hairs are subjected to abuse in the form of traction, excessive use of chemicals, straightening of hair etc, this is seen. A detailed assessment by our Plastic Surgeon will determine if medical support alone would be enough or if further hair transplantation is required.

New areas of baldness :

The patient’s condition needs to be assessed by our Plastic Surgeon. It would be of tremendous value if the details of the previous surgery along with the photographs could be brought.

Problems with hair line :

This can be addressed with a combination of treatments. Laser techniques are employed to remove transplanted hair in a scarless manner. Revision hair transplantations are undertaken to ensure fine-tuning of our work.

For more information on how Dr Chacko Cyriac can treat the complication you have after your hair transplantation, please do contact us to schedule an appointment at Kochi, Kerala, India.

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