Are there any side effects following hair transplantation ?

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Yes there are multiple ‘side effects’ that can happen after a hair transplant.

How come we don’t read about the side effects of hair transplantation on websites and on YouTube ?

This is exactly the problem. Patients are led to believe that hair transplantation is totally without any problem. What they do not realise is that hair transplantation is a surgery. As for all surgeries, there are consequences.

While Dr Chacko Cyriac tries to achieve the best hair transplant results he also tries to ensure the patients have no major issues arising from the procedure itself. He therefore takes pains to explain all main problems regarding the hair transplant procedure in the detailed class he conducts for the patients prior to the procedure.

What is the commonest side-effect one faces after hair transplantation ?

Amongst patients who come to see Dr Chacko Cyriac after hair transplantation elsewhere with complaints, the commonest problem is scarring after the hair transplant. This might involve the donor or recipient areas. The complaint is most commonly because patients are led to believe that this is a totally scarless procedure when it really is not. As this is a surgery, scarring can occur with any technique. See our page on scarless hair transplant for more information.

What is shock loss after hair transplant ?

This is a temporary shedding of hair following a stressful event. This could happen after any physical stress including any severe infections, emotional stress etc. Hair transplantation too could be stressful enough to cause the shedding of the hair. As it is a temporary phenomenon, it should settle down. Medical support is all that is required.

Numbness of the scalp after hair transplant. How long will it last ?

The duration of the numb feeling of the scalp can vary from person to person, with surgeon to surgeon, with technique to technique. In most patients it should get relieved in about 5-6 weeks.

To help us help you understand better the possible problems you might encounter after your visit for a hair transplant, contact Dr Chacko Cyriac’s office at Cochin, Kerala, India.

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