Can body hair be used for hair transplant for baldness ?

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Yes. Body hair can be used for the treatment of baldness. Hair transplantation using body hair can have other issues though.

Will body hair transplanted for baldness, grow as well as the hair on the head ?

No. Its rate of growth is much slower. Therefore its results also should not be compared to the hair transplant results using scalp hair.

Is not body hair weaker ? Then why are we doing a body hair transplant ?

Body hair from the torso in most patients is weak. Therefore we use it only when there is no other option. In some patients the scalp hair is almost exhausted. Then we resort to the body hair.

Is body hair transplant painful ?

Well, it is slightly more painful as the area that requires local anesthesia is more.

Will not body hair on the scalp after a body hair transplant, look odd if it is of a different texture and curliness ?

Yes. To avoid this difference in appearance, Dr Chacko Cyriac transplants the body hair in between existing scalp hairs. The body hair will then give an overall denser appearance. Dr Chacko Cyriac almost never does it alone for any given area.

Is not the beard a good donor site for a hair transplant ?

The beard hair is more sturdy than the torso hair. However its area of availability is limited. Therefore there is a definite limit to what can be obtained.

Is there any other problem associated with using beard hair  for a hair transplant ?

Yes. Scarring. The scars that come from harvesting beard hair can remain life-long. If the patient intends to sport a beard at all times, it will not be seen. However, if the patient decides at some point in his lifetime, to shave his beard, the scars will be glaringly visible.

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