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Yes. After a hair transplant at Cochin, Kerala, Dr Chacko Cyriac’s patients usually travel by air, rail and road, sometimes even to other countries.

My flight to USA would take several hours. How do I wash the head in between ?

You don’t have to. Usually after a hair transplant, Dr Chacko Cyriac keeps all wounds covered. No body would know that you had a procedure done.

Can I drive back home after my hair transplant with Dr Chacko Cyriac ?

No. Dr Chacko Cyriac prefers you get somebody to pick you up after your procedure. We could also arrange for your transport if you inform us in advance.

Do I have to come back to see Dr Chacko Cyriac after the hair transplant in Cochin, Kerala ?

Our Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon is always happy to review the condition of the patient at any time after a hair transplant. But there is actually no need for him or her to physically present himself at our Cochin office in Kerala. They can keep in touch through photographs.

If I wish to stay back and come to the office for removing the dressing, would somebody be able to help ?

Certainly. Most probably Dr Chacko Cyriac himself will help you remove your dressing. Unless he is operating.

Can I combine my hair transplant with Dr Chacko Cyriac with a holiday in Kerala ?

Most certainly. In fact our office at Cochin Kerala can guide you as to the places you can visit. We can arrange for your travel too. There are several unique places one can visit in Kerala, not too far away from Cochin. But we would request you to inform this in advance. Dr Chacko Cyriac can then give you his input regarding the restrictions the hair transplant procedure can impose.

Are there restrictions after my hair transplant ?

Nothing significant. Relevant to a visit to neighbouring resorts in Kerala, Dr Chacko Cyriac will advise you regarding what can and should not be done with regard to your hair transplantation.

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