Is dandruff the cause of my baldness ?

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Dandruff is certainly a cause for hair loss. The extent of the problem is often proportional to the extent of loss.

Most patients coming to discuss this issue with Dr Chacko Cyriac at his Cochin office in Kerala, describe their problem as cyclical, with episodes of worsening occurring every few weeks. Most patients notice a greater degree of hair loss occurring during these periods. Most often, when the exacerbation of dandruff subsides, the hair fall also reduces.

The hair I lost due to dandruff, will it grow back ?

If the dandruff is controlled the hair lost should grow back. However several patients who come for a consultation with Dr Chacko Cyriac for the best hair transplantation in Cochin Kerala, have said how the hair loss was not reversed. This could be explained by the long duration of untreated dandruff, accompanied by physical trauma in the form of itching / scratching with fingernails.

If I have severe dandruff before hair transplantation then what should I do ?

In order to ensure you have the best hair transplant results, Dr Cyriac always tries to treat the dandruff first before doing the procedure. However, if it is only a mild issue then he would simply go ahead with the procedure and treat the dandruff as it comes.

Will dandruff affect the transplanted hair after hair transplantation ?

Yes it can most certainly.

If I develop dandruff after hair transplant surgery, what should I do to get the best results from my hair transplantation ?

You should consult with Dr Chacko Cyriac. Depending on the duration after the hair transplant he would start off appropriate medications to treat he problem at the earliest. This may range from shampoos to solutions in the form of drops etc. One must not wait till it becomes very bad because at that stage, in the process of cleaning there is likelihood of the transplanted hair being lost.

To gain a better understanding on the management of hair loss and for getting the best results after hair transplantation, visit Dr Chacko Cyriac at his office in Cochin, Kerala. For appointments, contact us.

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