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Most centres seeing a patient coming in to consult for a hair transplantation go ahead and plan the surgery without fully assessing all aspects of the hair loss. However, our Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac follows a totally different approach. In fact, many patients coming to meet Dr Chacko Cyriac for the best hair transplantation in Kochi, Kerala, are sent back with the advice that hair transplant surgery is not appropriate for them. In Dr Chacko Cyriac’s philosophy, for the best results after hair transplantation one must begin with choosing the correct candidate who is most likely to benefit from this surgery.

What is the basis of the Et-protocol ?

Th Et-protocol he follows was developed taking into consideration several clinical facts. In addition, with his background training and experience he has adopted several principles of Plastic Surgery into his practice. Therefore when he assesses a patient for hair loss or hair transplantation at his office in Cochin, Kerala, he looks for the age, other features of ageing, the age appropriate extent of treatment to be done, the hair quality and many other clinical features and not just the recipient site.

Are there other medical disorders that will be a contraindication for hair transplant surgery ?

Though only keloid and increased scarring are the absolute contraindications to a hair transplantation, as per Dr Chacko Cyriac’s protocol there are many more. For example. Uncontrolled or untreated hypertension is a problem not given due importance. If present it can lead to dangerous consequences. Allergy testing for the local anesthetic is not required as per international norms. But Dr Chacko Cyriac insists upon it for all patients though he has observed only two positive tests in nearly 6000 procedures. As always, this is for the patient’s safety.

To understand better how to do a safe hair transplantation in Cochin, Kerala, you should meet Dr Chacko Cyriac. For appointments contact us.

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