How costly is hair transplantation with Dr Chacko Cyriac at Cochin, Kerala ?

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Any cosmetic surgery procedure by itself is expensive. However Dr Chacko Cyriac ensures that in his practice the rates for hair transplant are controlled.

What are the problems with charging rate per graft for hair transplantation ?

Many a centre offer hair transplantation at competitive rates for each hair graft. However in Dr Chacko Cyriac’s view this is what has sadly led to the business-like approach seen in this field. The problems with this approach are as follows :

1. The surgeon is encouraged to take more hair. Even if the remaining hair in the donor site is not healthy. No importance will be given to the quality of the hair to be harvested. This will lead to a poor quality result after hair transplantation.

2. The entire process becomes a business transaction. Its almost like a patient has to go to a center and purchase hair for himself.

3. The patient can easily be cheated. There is no way a patient can know the exact number of hair grafts after surgery eg. 2656 versus 2820. Even if a lesser number is put, the patient would have to end up paying.

Dr Chacko Cyriac describes this method of charging patients the direct result of a competitive approach adopted by non-Plastic Surgeons running most centres doing hair transplantation. It is almost like charging a patient who undergoes liposuction a rate per ml of fat removed. This is never done anywhere in the world. The rate per hair graft too should never be done anywhere in the world.

Our Senior Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac takes all of this into consideration. He guarantees that his charges for the procedures would be most competitive.

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