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Who will I meet for the consultation ?

All patients have to meet our Lead Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac. He only will personally examine you and guide you through your problem. He alone will formulate a treatment plan for you, and implement it too.

How long will it take ?

A typical consultation for hair loss treatment and hair transplantation takes at least an hour. This includes a detailed class on the topic by Dr Chacko Cyriac, our Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon. This is followed by a private discussion on your treatment plan and how the Et-Protocol for hair loss management can be applied to your situation.

If I have already studied the hair transplantation techniques, do I still have to attend the class ?

Certainly you do. In fact, most patients who come for a consultation for hair transplantation at our Cochin office in Kerala would have already studied the details involved. However, most often their knowledge would have been acquired from the internet alone. Our Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac insists there is much more to know about this procedure than what meets the eye. His approach is totally different. Merely shifting hair from one part of the body to another is not the solution for hair loss or baldness. The Et-Protocol he follows is important to get the best results after a hair transplantation.

Therefore, for a unique learning experience, come visit Dr Chacko Cyriac at our office in Cochin, Kerala. After all, before you undergo a cosmetic surgery as hair transplantation, should you not find out all you can possibly know about it, especially from an experienced Plastic Surgeon ?

For a detailed analysis for your hair loss problem and if hair transplantation is the best option for you, visit us. For appointments contact us

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