Can we hide scars by doing a hair transplant into the scar ?

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Yes most certainly we can hide scars in areas where there is hair by doing hair transplant into the scars.

Is hair transplantation possible for all types of scars ?

No. Only if the scars are soft and not thickened. After all, the hair graft requires a blood supply. The scar has relatively low blood supply. Therefore a thin supple scar is the best to be treated by a hair transplantation. The hair roots would get its nourishment and blood supply from the tissues beneath the scar.

What are the common sites for scars that Dr Chacko Cyriac treats with hair transplant ?

Scars arising out of any cause located on the scalp, beard, moustache, and body are the most common sites. Scars on the forearm too can be treated thus if required.

Will the hairs implanted in these scars grow ?

Yes of course. Like the regular hair transplant results.

Will the transplanted hair look different ?

On the scalp etc where the hair is left long it is unlikely to appear different. The surrounding hair when it grows long will cover the area. The hair growing in the scarred area will darken the scar and thus it will not be visible.

But on the face, beard or moustache, the hair is not going to be kept long. Therefore it is likely that though there is no visible hairless scar, an area of relative clearing may be visible through the reduced density of hair overlying the scar. The appearance of the scar is thus improved.

What can be done for the still less visible scar ?

A second session of hair transplant can be attempted. Scalp micropigmentation too is an option. Dr Chacko Cyriac offers all of this at his centre.

Scars are lifelong. But to know more about how to cover your scars using hair transplant, visit Dr Chacko Cyriac at Cochin, Kerala. For appointments, contact us.

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