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As a Plastic Surgeon by training, Dr Chacko Cyriac first did hair transplant to other parts of the face as part of reconstructive surgeries . . . to cover scars etc. In course of time, with the all the training, the same principles were employed for cosmetic purposes. Of these the most commonly done procedure is the moustache transplant.

Will I be able to eat food immediately after moustache hair transplant ?

After a moustache hair transplant, Dr Chacko Cyriac’s patients are usually given instructions to have both solids and liquids only with a spoon, without touching the transplanted area. After this, they are allowed to eat what they wish to. Chewing slowly is always recommended. Therefore soft solids would be recommended. After about 5 days, patients are allowed to have a fully normal diet.

For a 21 year old person who wishes to have a thicker beard, is a beard hair transplant recommended ?

Certainly not. Our Lead Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac would first put him through a trial of medical management. Only after both the patient and the Surgeon are convinced that it is ineffective would a bear hair transplant be offered.

Is eyebrow transplant a good solution for thinned out eyebrows ?

For the eyebrows too Dr Chacko Cyriac always would prefer to put the patient through a trial period of medical treatment. Only if he is not responding to it is hair transplantation recommended.

For a person desiring a beard hair transplant what style of beard is recommended ?

When planning a beard hair transplant, Dr Chacko Cyriac gets the patient’s input regarding what his requirements are. In fact the patient himself makes the markings. There is no definite style recommended. It should always be the patient’s choice.

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