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Age is definitely a problem when trying to achieve the best results for hair transplantation. The age of the patient would change the surgical plan, the recipient site to be transplanted, the donor site to be used, the technique for harvesting the hair, the need for medical support post procedure etc.

What do you do for young boys about 18 when they complain of hair loss ?

As per the Et-protocol, in most cases, medical support is all that is required. Many a case responds to this approach. Even after cessation of hair loss, follow up is essential to detect those who might continue to require medical treatment. This is purely an attempt to delay the requirement for hair transplantation.

Is there anything different when treating a patient in his fifties for hair loss ?

At this age we simply treat them as any other adult. Of course the age appropriate surgical planning is essential.

With age does the hair transplantation result become worse ?

Certainly not. It is not the age that determines it. It is the quality of the hair. A patient could have poor quality hair in the twenties while another could have great quality hair in the fifties. Therefore it is not the age that is important. Of course for a given patient, there is likelihood that the quality of the hair deteriorates with time. In fact this has been taken into consideration when framing the Et-protocol. There will be changes when planning the recipient area, the donor area, the technique for harvest, the distribution in the recipient area etc for the older patient.

If the hair is all white in colour, will there be any difficulty in doing a hair transplant surgery ?

In such a situation, our Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac would request the patient to dye the hair. He would then do his variation of the original FUE technique, the SC-FUE to maximise his result.

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