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DHI or direct hair implantation, MHI or modified hair implantation, micro-FUE, bio-FUE, real-time FUE and many others are older techniques for hair transplantation.

Over  the years, Dr Chacko Cyriac has been able to pick out and incorporate the beneficial aspects of each of these techniques into his practice. In addition, he was able to include his own modifications of the techniques when doing hair loss treatment. After all, Plastic Surgery is all about innovation and its application.

So be assured, at Eterno, your treatment is in the hands of an experienced Plastic Surgeon who is always keen to innovate and looking forward to learning from others.

Which hair transplantation technique has more problems ?

None. All techniques are good. All techniques have their specific indications. All techniques have their benefits when done for those indications. All techniques have limitations. All techniques will have problems when done without keeping in mind the limitations.

Which technique for hair transplantation has more pain ?

All techniques have the same pain level. All have the same injections given by the same Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac. The injections are given at the same site for all the techniques.

Why is it important to meet Dr Chacko Cyriac to know about the techniques ?

Dr Chacko Cyriac has over time gained experience in all the treatment techniques involved for this problem. He offers the older methods including the regular FUT, FUE, DHI, micro-FUE, modified hair implantation or MHI, Bio-FUE etc. He also is adept with the latest techniques namely SC-FUE, Inviscar-FUT, Ultra-Max PRP etc. When he meets you he will teach you about each technique. He strongly feels you should be aware of the pros and cons of each method before choosing one. And that your information should come from somebody like him who is experienced with all the methods and not just doing any one technique. This Dr Chacko Cyriac feels is most important to obtain the best results after a hair transplantation.

FUE is the more popular technique. Is it not better therefore ?

Whether FUE is better or not, let a Plastic Surgeon like Dr Chacko Cyriac who does all the techniques decide. A centre run by a non-Plastic Surgeon who knows to do only FUE is not fit to say other techniques are bad. Sadly this is what happens in most centers all over the world

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