Why is Eterno the best option for hair transplantation in Cochin, Kerala ?

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The cosmetic surgical practice Eterno, in Cochin, Kerala, is headed by a trained qualified experienced Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon, Dr Chacko Cyriac. He practices all aspects of Plastic Surgery and not just hair transplantation. Therefore he will see the overall picture and give you the best option. After all hair loss treatment is not just about shifting hair from one part of the body to another.

Having being trained by the best from all over the globe, with qualifications from 5 different countries, Dr Chacko Cyriac provides a totally different approach for his treatment of hair loss.

Eterno remains one of the few practices where all aspects of hair loss treatment are taken care of. From the most minor stages to the more severe stages. For all age groups.

Eterno is a leading service for ‘innovation’, with several new techniques being developed there. The Et-Protocol for hair loss, the SC-FUE, the UltraMax-PRP, the Inviscar FUT are just a few amongst several others.

Though our Centre was built up as a top notch service with state-of-the-art facilities, we at Eterno, strive to keep our charges within the reach of the common man. Of course we may be more expensive than many technician-run centres. But we don’t believe that is a fair comparison.

Eterno provides different packages for the same problem. The packages are all attractive for various reasons.

Unique for Eterno is the Loyalty Program for patients who have had any treatment with us. Visit us to find out more.

Eterno welcomes all patients who have already had hair loss treatment and are not satisfied. We are known for our treatments for complications of hair transplants. Many of these would be difficult situations, with severe depletion of donor hair etc. We accept the challenge !!

Allow us to convince you. Schedule and appointment to understand us and our work better. Contact Us

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