Would I have to shave my head before a hair transplant ?

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After the initial consultation, if the patient decides to proceed with the hair transplantation, our Lead Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac would request you to not shave the hair when coming in for the procedure. The reasons he gives are as follows :

Upon shaving, Dr Chacko Cyriac would not be able to assess the quality of the hair – the growth potential, if it is curly or wavy or straight etc. These have implications with regard to the Et-protocol for hair loss treatment which he follows.

He would not be able to accurately assess where the transplant is required, in the recipient area. The weak hair and the growing hair would all look alike. This would affect the hair transplantation result.

In the donor site too mistakes are likely to happen by choosing the weaker poorer quality hair. This has a direct consequence with regard to the outcome of the hair transplant.

If the Inviscar-FUT technique had been chosen, the stitches would be glaringly visible when it really could have been avoided.

Post procedure, the wounds on the donor site and the scabs on the recipient site would be more visible when it could have been hidden.

For some patients Dr Chacko Cyriac does a totally hidden hair transplant. There would be no way anybody would know if a transplant was done. This can be done for the FUT and the FUE techniques as well.

Therefore he requests patients to come as they were. He would personally prepare the donor and recipient areas as required. He will ensure you have the least social problems after the transplant.

To know more about how to get a hair transplant done without any major morbidity and other social issues, meet up with our Senior Consultant Plastic Surgeon Dr Chacko Cyriac at Cochin, Kerala. For appointments, contact us.

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